Thursday, October 11, 2012


'Borismania' is Just Froth- He'll Never be PM

My last post was on Bojo and, following the conference, I'm offering another. The reactions to Boris are fascinating. A rock star welcome at the conference- they just so lo9ved him to bits. But Decca Aitkenhead in The Guardian today says everyone she asked would he be prime minister, said no chance. Even more interesting is the venomous hate this jovial old comedian provokes. In the Daily Mail yesterday the brilliant military historian and sometime boss to Boris when editor of the Telegraph, vent his spleen over the most popiular politician in the country.

Writing in the Daily Mail Boris Johnson’s former editor, Max Hastings claims to like the man and admires his journalistic ability as well as recognising his crowd pleasing gifts-‘He is an authentic star who lights up every room he enters’-but he also expresses grave doubts about both his character suitability for high office.

‘If the day ever comes that Boris becomes tenant of Te Downing St, I shall be among those packing my bags for a new life in Buenos Aires or suchlike, because it means that Britain has abandoned its last pretensions to be a serious country.’

‘Most politicians are ambitious and ruthless, but Boris is a gold medal egomaniac. I would not trust him with my wife- nor- painful experience- my wallet. It is unnecessary to take any moral view about his almost crazed infidelities but it is hard to believe that any man so conspicuously incapable of controlling his own libido is fir to be trusted wit controlling the country.’

‘His chaotic public persona is not an act-he is indeed maniacally disorganised about everything except his own image management. He is also a far more ruthless ands frankly nastier figure than the public appreciates.’

‘Forget all the denials, Boris yearns wit a mad hunger to become prime minister.’.

‘The reason so many young people are potty about Boris is precisely because he is not serious, because he treats the whole business of politics as a bit of a lark.’

Boris Johnson was at the conference for one purpose only-the exaltation of himself…. He is not a man to believe in, to trust or respect save as a superlative exhibitionist. He is bereft of judgment, loyalty or discretion. Only in the star=crazed frivolous Britain of the 21st century could such a man have risen so high- and he is utterly unfit  to go higher still.’

Finally, what does the daily bible of the true blues think of BoJo?

 The Daily Mail editorial hammers more nails into the coffin of Johnson’s ambitions.
 ‘At City Hall Mr Johnson’s main role is to act as a cheer-leader  for the capital; while his administrative duties are relatively light. There is plenty o scope to indulge in good humoured buffoonery while the odd clanger carries no grave consequences..
In contrast the PM must display relentless focus application and judgement –qualities for which Boris has never been famous in public or private life.’

"the PM must display relentless focus application and judgement –qualities for which Boris has never been famous in public or private life."

That means that it shouldn't happen Skipper - not that it won't happen. Let's face it, who was the last PM who could boast of good judgement? You could never accuse Cameron, Brown (in particular) or Blair of being possessed of it!

On the other hand, I agree with the main thrust - I don't think he'll ever make it. He's the wrong man in the wrong place at the wrong time. He's too buffoonish, too much outside the commons, and too inexperienced in real politics (rather than local politics) to be a real, immediate contender. In fact, Cameron might be quietly rather pleased that his most visible rival is the one person who poses no immediate threat to him. Imagine if this groundswell was coalescing around William Hague or Michael Gove. Then Cameron could well be in real trouble.

But hey, what do I know? I was wrong about Coulson, Mitchell, Brown, Balls, etc...

Hope you're enjoying life in Leeds!
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