Saturday, May 26, 2012


Why IS Hunt Still In Office?

It is just astonihing to me that Jeremy Hunt is still in office-the man clearly has no sense of honour.

1. He allowed his aide, Adam Smith, to keep the Murdoch camp fully informed of developments regarding the BSkyB bid when supposedly in a 'quasi-judicial role judging whether Murdoch should be able to acquire full control of this hugely profitable comapny. His protestations that he 'did not know' this was going on are clearly self serving and specious.

2. He sent a memo to Cameron pressing him to over-rule Cable's known opposition to the takeover, indicating that, far from being neutral in the case, he was effectively a cheer-leader for the Murdoch cause.

3. He lied to the Commons about never having 'tervened' in the case before being put in charge of it. The 'smoking gun' memo revealed to Leveson yesterday now proves it beyond doubt

Any politician with a true sense of honour would have fallen on his sword by now yet apparently he still enjoys the 'full confidence' of his boss. Maybe this reluuctance by Dave helps to explain things a little. Cameron is the person who knowingly appointed a heavily biased person to undertake a task where scrupulous neutrality was needed. Cameron knows that, apart from te damage his beleagured government would suffer if Hunt went, the question which would ascend to the top of the political agenda would be 'has this man the quality of politixcal judgement to remain prime minister?

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