Sunday, May 13, 2012


Ed Edges Ahead

Interviewed last week on Radio Merseyside, I opined that the Coalition was beginning to crack. The presenter challenged me by pointing out Cameron's rating was higher than Miliband's. I replied I thought Ed's rating would soon climb to equal that of Dave. I don't claim clairvoyance powers, just using common sense but today the ST reports Cameron's personal rating is now at-29% while Ed's is at -23%. Both negative readings but the general direction is clear. Clegg's rating? a disastrous -54%.

The Yougov poll offers more bad news for the Colaition with only 39% of Tory votrs think he'll win in 2015 compared with 67% of labour supporters who expext a Lab our victory. Nedless to say the poll is awful nws for Lib Dems with a third of members expecting the party yo lose most if not all their present MPs.

This is only on poll and it follows a series of cock-up and incompetences by the government. The Coalition's attempt at relaunch lies in tatters; of that there can be no doubt. It needs a long period of calm effective government to eradicate negative images. The danger is trhat it has already entered the 'dog-days' period when nothing goes right and mistake pils on mistake, bad news on bad news. And Jeremy Hunt is stillto appear before Leveson not to mention Dave and a clutch ofother dodgy Tories who were in on the cabal to assist the Murdoch empire.

Skip : You omitted to mention others due to appear, amongst whom are that straight kind guy Lynton Bliar & the wreck that was the economic genius Gorgon Bruin.
Both former brown tongue side kicks of Rupe.

Kind regards
You are quite right and I listen to A Campbell as I write this. Not sure what relevance is though. Is there a smoking gun waiting to be discovered which will rehabilitate your party? I don't think so.
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