Friday, April 27, 2012


Thank Heavens for The Guardian

The sheer unbelievability of Murdoch's performance,impaled on the forensic questioning of Robert Jay QC, is made clear by the Guardian editorial today. Could any business moghul's memory be as bad as this?
"He had no knowledge that police were obstructed while trying to investigate phone hacking at one of his papers. No one told him about the 2008 Gordon Taylor settlement until it was in the Guardian – and even then he didn't believe the implications. He didn't follow the culture, media and sport select committee proceedings. He was ignorant that his company paid £800,000 in damages over a bullying claim against Andy Coulson's News of the World. He didn't read the judgment by Mr Justice Eady in the Max Mosley case alleging blackmail by one of his reporters. He didn't read a New York Times expose of the NotW in September 2010. He was "entirely unaware" until recently of the allegations – repeatedly reported in the UK – about a NotW private detective accused of murder. He was only recently told that in 2006 the information commissioner published a report listing his UK titles and their use of private detectives. Any half-attentive newspaper reader or TV viewer in the UK would – until recently – have been better informed on most of these matters."
Finally, we should rejoice that The Guardian's investigative flair and perseverance saved us from a Britain in which Cameron, Osborne, Hunt et al would have allowed Murdoch media primacy in exchange for political support. This is not to say Labour was in any way innocent of kneeling at the Dirty Digger's throne or being in his thrall. But even Labour was not willing to sell its soul as Cameron's Tories were. It is to be hoped that the next stage of Leveson will allow the wonderful Mr Jay to direct his fire at the UK organ-grinders of this near tragedy; Cameron and Osborne.

These posted before relevant comments appeared on site.
You may be right on DC in 2015 and maybe im indulging in wishful thinking as those not in power tend to, but I really do think this is the occasion when a clear break is discernible with the feelings which gave birth to the Colaition in May 2010.
You are quite right to remind me of the electoral reality. I agree very few Tories seem to have swapped sides- the crucial test- and the awfully low turnout suggests this was not an accurate test of public opinion in a general election. But I would still maintain that their defeat in the recent elections are indeed important and indicate a fundamental shift in national judgement on how the Coalition is rated. It will be very difficult for either party to climb out of the hole the 'omnishambles' of teh past two months has created for them both.
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