Thursday, April 26, 2012


Hunt must SURELY be Toast?

Sometimes you gasp at the brass neck of Tory politicians. Just take a look here at how specious his defence was yesterday. It's like groundhog day with a person 'in charge' claiming he was not responsible for things done by his staff- so it was a 'rogue' civil servant liaising with a 'fantasist' NI PR man. How very convenient. It was sad to see his friends coming out to say what little they could for him including John Whittingdale whom I've always rather admired hitherto. Hunt is holding out for time and wants Leveson to consider it. Given the breaches of the ministerial code and the clear evidence from the emails that Hunt was certainly complicit in leaking vitally sensitive information to the Murdochs, the good judge won't take long in confirming that, as Tom Watson asserted yesterday, Jeremey Hunt, great white hope of Tory 'modernizers' and future leadership tip, 'is toast'. And deserves to be.

There is an attitude of born to rule.
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