Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Now is the Time for Ed to Make an Impact

Seems to me the Coalition government is in a little bit of trouble. isagree? Well consider
1. the ever presentt line over Europe- ok it all kicked off in January but some Tories are so obsessive about ther EU

2. the very poor reception to the recent budget which reduced tax for the richest and taxed pensioners.

3. the awful 'cash for access srory which has ticked every box on the old 'nasty party' chart. Dave must be spitting tacks over that even now.

4. Dissent within about the Lib Dems.So many Tories hate them yet depend upon them. It was a low blow to many Tories when Vince leaked that letter to Cameron criticising his lack of vision for the economy.

5. Ohyes, the economy.Still no growth while other countries like USA forge ahead.

6. labour ahead 6-7 points in the polls but still lagging far behind on economic competence.

7. The rumbling row over the House of lords which Clegg desperately wants to reform into an elected chambder and the Tories in the Lords are determinedtoresist.

Quite a list of woes I think anyone would agree. So now is the time. I think his party is entitled o suggest, that Ed aises his game and makes a breakthough. Prhaps it has already begun? His answer to the Budget speech was good and his confidence in PMQs seems to be growing while dave seems to get rattier and rattled. If the Oposition cannot make progress inthjios dream scenario they'll ndever gdetn equal terms come 2015.

The budget didn't reduce tax for the rich. The economy won't grow for some time. Cutting our borrowing will hurt. Most people get that, and they are clear about which political party to blame. I've always said our economic problems are far more serious than most people understand, and things will get hard for the Government in this Parliament. In these terms, the Tories are doing very well as we near the half-way point of the coalition.

As for Labour. It's embarrassing. The stunt in Greggs showed a complete lack of substance, and gimmickry on a grand scale. Ed Miliband is your problem, but Ed Balls is equally bad for your electoral prospects. Such smug behaviour looks ridiculous when most people know he was a part of the economic disaster under Brown, and when he has been turfed out of government. Humility would help. Having such a twerp on the front bench makes Miliband look (even more) ridiculous.

As for a comeback...Bradford West. Dear oh dear.
I think after last night, Skipper, it is fair to say that Labour are not making progress, and that really should terrify them.

That said, the total and utter repudiation of all mainstream parties in favour of George Galloway should terrify everyone who cares about good governance (not that we get that very often anyway, but there's bad governance and bad governance).
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