Monday, February 13, 2012


Trevor's Unanswered Question

I caught former political editor of The Sun Trevor Kavanagh on Radio Four's 'World at One' today and heard him denounce the 'witch hunt' being mounted against 'honest, hard working' Sun reporters on the grounds they had possibly paid policemen to get news stories. It seems, according to his article in The Sun today, that its reporters are being 'treated like members of an organised crime gang'. He claims 180 officers have been assembled to mount said witch-hunt against News International, some of the3m taken off anti-terrorism work for the purpose.

Apart from the fact that News International with its funding of phone hacking on an industrial scale has actually behaved like an organised criminal conspiracy, one really did feel a little sorry for those poor Sun reporters, whose tasks sorting though the rubbish of celebrities or writing about Jordan's latest alleged actions, must be on the back burner for a while. One wonders what on earth will happen to the nation as a result. But one tiny little unanswered question insists on knocking on the door of my understanding of the situation.

Dan Sabbagh in The Guardian, informs us that it was:

News International's powerful management and standards committee (MSC), the body whose reconstruction and search of the Sun's email archive(which) gave the police the evidence they felt they needed to arrest Kay and four other Sun journalists, including deputy editor Geoff Webster.

If it was news International itself which fingered its own staff for the subsequent arrests, why doesn't Trevor rail against his own company and the boss he so reveres rather than the nebulous organisers(the police? The Guardian?, the Soviet Politburo?) responsible for this so-called 'witch-hunt...?

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