Friday, January 20, 2012


Hint of Daylight on Clocks Going Back?

Readers of this blog will know of my passion to change the practice of losing the hour in winter which we have mistakenly followed ever since the trial period back in 1968-71. An article today updates the situation regarding the bill proposed by Conservative MP Rebecca Harris and backed up staunchly by the Lighter Latercampaign.

The devolved assemblies are being consulted about the possibility of a three year trial to test the alternative. Various arguments are adduced:

These include the creation of up to 80,000 leisure and tourism jobs, lower electricity bills, fewer accidents, lower carbon emissions, reduced fear of crime and more sports participation in the evenings. Supporters also argue Britons will be happier, with fewer people suffering seasonal affective disorder

Moving forward an hour would remove us of Greenwich Mean Time but bring us into line with most of the rest of Europe. So many bodies, connected with Tourism, health, motoring, sport and, significantly the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents, have now come on board to support the move.

Over 100 MPs debated and voted in favour of the Bill at the second reading. At the forthcoming third reading on 20 January a majority vote is required and at least 100 MPs must be present for the Bill to pass.

It's so much like commonsense, one's cynical side doubts it will be adopted simply for this reason. But the signs, for once, seem auspicious. My main fear is that with the Coalition desperate to spike SNP guns on independence, that this potentially emotive issue for northern Scots, will lead the government to squash the idea.

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