Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Thatcher's Biographer on Cameron

Quite a bit of reaction to the veto but my eye was caught by a very interesting review of the The Iron Lady, the Thatcher biopic opening 6th January, by John Campbell, the author a distinguished two volume biography of Thatcher. Towards the end of his review, he turns his attention to the present incumbent with the following less than ecstatic assessment:

'But what of Cameron's real self? So far we have little idea. The impression is beginning to take hold that he is not as nice as he seemed.- which may be what the situation demands- but maybe not so competent as he initially appeared. Like Blair he wants to be liked; he also has the problem which neither Blair not Thatcher had of having to lead a coalition. But he gives out no clear sense of purpose beyond the immediate priority of cutting the deficit and seems to have no ideological roots or political compass: just am embarrassingly privileged background which he has to try to deny. Perhaps this is not his fault."

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