Saturday, December 03, 2011


Clarkson Should be Ignored not Vilified

I've never seen Top Gear and have only occasionally read his pieces in the ST but have always thought Jeremy Clarkson to be, quite simply, an arse. I saw his performance when he said strikers should be shot in front of their families and it was obvious he was speaking in jest.

Bad taste humour, maybe, but all the furious indignation generated is surely wasted. If these remarks had come from a serious politician it really would have been an outrage but you'll hear far worse comments about right-wingers on the News Quiz or HIGNFY. Unlike his driving activities, this is someone who starts to speak before his brain is placed into gear; he deals in controversy and shocking his audience for a laugh is his stock in trade.

So the best response to Clarkson is to ignore Top Gear, Clarkson's journalism, and.... him.

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