Tuesday, November 08, 2011


Two Politicians Under Threat

Another scandal, another Tory Politician in the headlights. May's ompetence has been questioned in the past and this time it's squarely in her area of responsibility. She claims the relaxation of procedures to filter into the country only those people deemed acceptable was part of a pilot plan which her head of Border Force Brodie Clark relaxed further without ministerial approval. Clark's union, the elitist First Division Association protests he has been wrongly treated.

Stand-off for the time being. Cameron has expressed his full confidence, but it's only recently he did the same regarding Liam Fox, so we have to recognise Mrs May is under the cosh for the present. I always cite Alastair Campbell's dictum that if no new revelations have come out regarding a scandal within 12 days, the minister is safe.

The real problem with these situations are the memos which are mysteriously leaked. If Theresa has signed a minute approving extension of the so-called pilot scheme and it's leaked she can clear her desk at once. But I get the feeling she'll survive on this challenge to probably the most accident prone senior job in government.

As for Silvio, I've always had a soft spot for him. He is so much the macho Italian alpha male, he is almost endearing. Italian voters have loved him in the past but now the bond markets say he must go if Italy is to keep on borrowing to survive, I think he'll have to stand down. News from Rome, suggests he will do this. 17 years in power is not bad for a man who started off in life as a crooner on a cruise ship.

In a slightly annoying aspect to the otherwise gratifying story of Ms May's discomfiture, what they were trying to do seems eminently sensible even if the way they were going about it wasn't.

It's always mildly amused and perplexed me that we British employ so many people to do the mind-numbingly dull task of checking passports that, in most cases, have already been checked by the carrier. Couldn't these poor souls be more meaningfully employed on actually preventing illegal entrants? Or are they there merely to appease the editor of the Daily Mail and his more hysterical readers?

They do things differently on The Continent (as we called it in the fifties). We strolled into Switzerland across the Doubs on a Friday evening last June. The border post had a sign in the window saying something like "sorry closed, open 09:00 – 16:00 Mon – Fri”...
As so often, Hughesey, your comments right on the money.
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