Thursday, November 10, 2011


Theresa Faces Difficult Week

Since my post yesterday it seems Silvio has had to accept the early bath; condign punishment for his absurd, shameful buffoonish behaviour and clear economic incompetence. As for Theresa may, she faces un uncertain future. Peter Oborne, a heavy hitting right-wing columnist in the Telegraph today lays into her with gusto. Recalling how Lord Carrington honourably resigned over something not his fault Oborne comments:

Compare and contrast the exemplary conduct of Lord Carrington with the wretched, self-serving and disreputable behaviour of Theresa May. For the past week, Mrs May has had only one objective: survival. In her desperate and apparently unscrupulous concern to save her own skin, she has tried to pass the blame on to more vulnerable people.

He goes on to condemn her blaming of a civil servant as 'despicable' and a violation of the contract between ministers and civil servants which is the foundation of day to day British government. He concludes:
A number of old-fashioned types will take the view that Mrs May should have followed the honourable example set by Lord Carrington 30 years ago, and shouldered responsibility for her own department. Reluctantly, however, I would concede that the high standards of those days are not going to return.
But that does not mean that Mrs May is safe in her job. Next Tuesday, Brodie Clark, who is now liberated to speak in public without fear or favour, having resigned from the Civil Service, will give his own account of events. Meanwhile, the Home Secretary can be forced to release the essential documents that will reveal the truth about this sad business. If it emerges that she acted unfairly towards Mr Clark, then the Prime Minister must be prepared to sack Mrs May.

Cameron has spoken up for her and it would be a huge blow for him to lose her, but for a Telegrph op-ed piece to flay her like this, is a bad sign. I'm beginning to think the odds are shifting on her future quite rapidly. Brodie Clark will have his day in front of a select committee next week and won't hold back after the drubbing Theresa has meted out to0 save her own skin.

Just a few things old chap.

Whilst realising that the real world is not your strong point, you should take on board that Mr Bunga Bunga has been forced to resign because of his inability to force economic structural change through the Italian Parliamentary system. His personal behaviour- however lamentable - remains an irrelevance within Italy.

Your tribal hatred of the eeevil Tories seems to have blinded you to the previous administrations' mendacious action under whose watch immigration hit record levels. Thanks to Andrew Neather we know that that massive rise in immigration under the last Liebour guvmint was not a mistake but because Liebour wanted to deliberately open up the UK to mass migration and rub the Right's nose in diversity. Shurely you haven't forgotten this ? (But as the two main sources of your info - Beeb & Groan - have, then that would explain it)

It's also rather delicious that you bring up the matter of ministerial
responsibility & resignation. Wasn't this course of action expressly disavowed by Bliar & Gordo ?

Whether the fragrant May survives in office is a side show but to watch you getting behind such a slippery customer as Brodie Humphrey Appleby Clark is the biggest surprise of the week. Not.

Kind regards
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This comment has been removed by the author.
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