Monday, October 31, 2011


St Pauls Protestors Putting Left to Shame

This fabulous poster is the one used by Adbusters, the group which initiated the Occupy Wall St demonstrations against the inequalities generated by our economic system. Their slogan 'we are the 99% refers to the huge gap which now exists between the richest 1% and the rest of us poor bastards; though I have no doubt who the real bastards are. That's why I was so pleased to read Andrew Rawnsley's recent piece on the St paul's tent people which acted a sharp report to the dismissive article written by Simon Jenkins in which he dismissed the protestors as mere 'scenery'.

Rawnsley applauds the work of the polite young people who are making their point rather effectively and in the process causing the ruling elite into a near hysterical reaction. So far two senior figures have resigned, the religious establishment is as unsure as the government as to how to respond to a protest which reflects so much public anger at the appalling ease with which the rich classes have caused us so much suffering yet escaped scot free of any punishment apart from mild censures from the likes of Cameron and Osborne though they were careful not to offend their mates in the City too much. Rawnsley skewers this inept and complacent bunch of trade unionists for the fat cats with this section in his article:

"The occupation movement is succeeding where conventional politics of both left and right have badly failed. It articulates a profound public resentment with over-mighty finance and the failure of government to do anything about it. The protesters strike a resounding chord when they complain that financial elites are getting rewarded with special treatment while the punishment for their mistakes is meted out on the rest of society. On top of the billions of taxpayers' money already committed to rescuing the banks, the eurozone leaders have just signed up to providing billions more. Yet from the nabobs of finance there is still not a whisper of a hint of a scintilla of humility or penance."

Hear hear

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Censoring comments now ?

For shame.

In respect of the post, I hadn't realised just how much you & Sarah Palin have in common.

Kind regards
Sorry, no idea what you are going on about. No censoring of anyone's comments unless they are clearly offensive. Something, I know, you find it hard to avoid. But have not censored any comment b y you.
Dear Skipper,

With regard to the protestors at St Pauls and what you have written - do you not get the amusing feeling that because of rolling news, this story has been given some form of credibility..? 20 years ago this would have been nothing more than a page filler in the Nationals.

The left wing.. I mean unbiased BBC have ran with this a tad too much adding fuel to what in my opinion would be an otherwise bleak attempt to get the Govt and Fat Cats to listen.

I totally agree that the 1% have it a damn site better than the rest of us, however a few hundred people protesting about Capitalism, with the lefty BBC all over them like love sick teenagers... Is it really all that credible..?

Kind Regards
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