Wednesday, October 12, 2011


He Must Eventually Be Toast

Seems like only yesterday that we had crises like that facing Dr Fox: Mandelson, Blunkett etc and each time I've kind of thought they would survive. Fox(cop the fixed smiles in the picture...) did a good job of defending himself in the Commons though Cameron's absence was ominous as were the conclusions of the 'interim report' which had identified 'mistakes'. But the solid support of his party seemed to suggest Fox might just squeeze through the net.

Severe problems for Fox remain however:

i) Alastair Campbell reckoned. in such cases, that if the story had not died within ten days the minister would have to go.
ii) New revelations are seeping out every day so far and I don't see them stopping anytime soon.
iii) 40 meetings in all, 18 of them abroad, many of which were apparently coincidental, sounds far too dodgy to me. Some coordination with Fox must have taken place.
iv) Rumours have surfaced about Fox's sexuality and, whilst this is not supposed to matter these days, if you have half an eye on the leadership, which Fox does, or used to have, it could still be a disadvantage worth concealing.
v) I don't think national security has been jeopardised By Adam Werrity but I seriously wonder whether his friendship with Fox was not used to his material advantage.
vi) How on earth did Werrity pay for his flights and hotel bills?

On balance I think there is sufficient dodgy dealing here for enough to come out to force his eventual resignation. Maybe it shouldn't be the case, but Fox has acted naively for an experienced and ambitious politician. I suspect he'll have to go within the next week or so.

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