Friday, September 23, 2011


Tory Party Attacked by its Own

I always welcome a bit of Tory bashing, from whatever source, so I was amused to read this piece from a Daily Mail and Express journalist: [I add the picture of Eric Pickles as I feel any dissemination of it is grist to the critical mill.]

“…if the Tory party were a consumer good or a commercial service, it would long ago have ceased production. Nobody, however, dedicated, would be fool enough to carry on buying it. If it were your fridge, all your food would go bad. If it were your accountant, you would go bankrupt.

The Tory party claims to be patriotic. But all the major steps into deeper EU integration have been taken by Tory governments. It claims to stand for strong defence. Yet it has repeatedly run down the armed forces. It claims to be tough on crime, yet it shackled the police with the Police and Criminal Evidence Act of 1984, closed deown dozens of police stations between 1979-1997, and now proposes to cut police numbers by 20 per cent. The Tory party claims to stand for rigorous educational standards, yet it introduced the devalued GCSE and closed more grammar schools than Labour did. It claims to be pro-family, yet it never reformed the ultra-=liberal divorce laws of the 1960s and it passed the 1989 Children Act, hugely increasing the power of the state over family life.”

Yes, I know it's written by Peter Hitchens, nothing if not a maverick, but it's still making some valid points think I....

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