Monday, August 29, 2011


What on earth is Sally Bercow Up To?

I really wonder what Sally Bercow is up to. This article by Carol Sarler gets to the root of the problem she poses. Doing that near naked shot in a sheet and giving the interview about how she used to binge drink and then sleep with men she picked up in bars is one thing, but appearing on a down market reality show was taking it more than a bit too far. Two reasons stand out why she should not have done all this.

Firstly she has no real accomplishment to trade in exchange for celebrity- no skill like a sportsperson or an actor-merely the fact, as Sarler points out, that she is married to someone important. Other women take this route- footballers wives, or those, like poor Jade Goody, who only notable skill was to be totally devoid of any. Surely this is not somethjing any self respecting or intelligent woman should do?

Secondly, I know she is a bit of a rebel, but does she not owe her husband some loyalty for being his partber and for being the beneficiary of the goodlife he has bestowed upon her? It is patently clear John Bercow is mortified by his wife's antics and yet she is now apparently angling to do the jungle based celebrity equivalent.

Why does he put up with it? Call me an old pub bore chauvinist but I think it's because she is very, very sexy and has given him the best sex he's ever had or, is ever likely to get. Well, what other explanation fits the facts?

Sexist it may be but do you recall the pub on the Scilly Islands in Mrs Wilson's diary? It was called the Scilly Cow and any suggestion that the pub sign bore a close resemblance to Mrs Bercow would of course be much mistaken.
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