Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Hypocrisy of Coalition Government

Private Eye frequently nails topics so effectively and it's often months until the mainstream press catchup: as on PFI (see page 3 of current issue) and the hacking scandal. The satiricaljournal often descends to the sort of petty character assassination of which it accuses others but usually it's on the side of truth and decency in its news reports. The itemI'd like to quote though relates to goverment attitudes towards the bankers and rioters and the contradictory approaches taken in relation totheir misdeeds.

'Those who make the wrong decision, engage in criminality, must be identified, arrested and punished, and we will make sure of that.'

11 August. Home secretary Theresa May outlines her no nonsense approach to criminal justice.

'The United Kingdom further states that the criminal prosecution of bank employees due to participationin tax offences is highly unlikely.'

23 August. Clause in UK-Swiss tax deal agreed with CVhancellor George Osborne, proving there's one set of laws for Britain's teenage miscreants and another for bankers.

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