Sunday, July 10, 2011


Oh Boy! A Day to Remember

When I was in a pub quiz,here in Hongkongacouple of days ago, the news came through that the News of the World had been closed down. There was instantly riotous celebration in the bar, peopled by Aussies, Yanks, Kiwis as well as Brits and a few baffled Hongkoners. We had a few more drinks on that one, you may be sure.

I don't get regular news from HK down here but one or two summaries have got through,including reactions of UK press. I note the Daily Mail has criticised Cameron's intention to investigate more widely media practices. Its editorial says:

"it's a 'dark day for the Conservative party, when its leader, in a bid to save his own skin,advocates the muzzling of a free press'.

It goes on to point out that it was a newspaper, The Guardian, which persisted with its investigation, [amid widespread press complacency,including from the Mail it neglects to point out]. I'm glad even the Mail, has now decided to back the premier UK newspaper's principled stand.

I was able, via my friend Roy, to access Steve Coogan's spiffing demolition of a N o W jobsworth on Newsnight recently. Do take a peek. It is so sweet to see those goitre eyed, knee-jerk Tories who dismissed this a 'reheated' story as irrelevant and transient when it has gone on to shake the government to its foundations. No doubt the awful News International will do something similar with the Sunday Sun but for the time being, it's still celebration time that an 'evil empire' has received a direct hit. Let's hope it continues to unravel.

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