Thursday, June 30, 2011


Skipper in Hongkong for Couple Weeks

Yes, off to stay with my old friend Paul in his place of employment: Hongkong. Also will be visiting University Politics Department to see if we can establish a good connection.

Before the taxi whisks me off to the ordeal of long haul flying (not a good flyer), I do have two points to make about politics:

1. Seems clear to me Ed Miliband has thought long and hard about whether to support the unions' strike action and has judged public opinion will not support their action. He's also laying down a Blair-like marker that he won't pander to the unions; a risky strategy as they provide funding form his bankrupt party.

2. Interesting piece by Allegra Stratton today in which she suggests Tory backwoodsmen are muttering darkly about Cameron having effectively abandoned his reform programme, opting instead for safety first and survival.

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