Sunday, May 29, 2011


Dave Reassuring on Overseas Aid to his great Credit

I've Always been suspicious of Cameron's authenticity. From an ordinary Thatcherite, via aide to Norman Lamont to that born again Compassionate Conservative who charmed his note-free way into the Tory leadership chair and from there, courtesy Nick of Clegg, Number 10 itself. As PM he has not really swept away one's doubts though; Under the coalition agreement one feels the traditional Tory agenda lurks in default mode.

So it is quite reassuring to declare more than one cheer for his stance on overseas aid. He has received quite a bot of sniping from his backwoodsmen over this waste of resources on children in Africa who are not our national responsibility, not to mention a (surely deliberately) leaked letter from Liam Fox at defence suggesting his sagging budget might be topped up from this hitherto ring fenced pot of gold.

At the G8 press conference, Dave made an impassioned defence of his pledge to give 0.7% of GDP in such assistance. He argued it was 'self' interest for G8 countries as 'broken' states can eventually pose a threat to the developed world. He concluded his plea to fellow G8 nations with this peroration:

I remember as a young politician watching the 2005 Gleneagles summit, and that Live 8 concert [events at 10 G8 locations and broadcast worldwide], and thinking it was right those world leaders made their pledges so publicly. I think when you make a promise to the poorest people in the world, you should keep it. And I am proud that Britain is doing that."

Hear hear! Well said that man!

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