Friday, February 18, 2011


Skipper in Wales for a few days

Am writing this from Wales, hence lighter than usual blogging. However, have to metnion two items from The Times today which interested me.

1. Phiip Collins observes, in a well written piece, that the dearth of Labour seats in the south and Tory ones in the north, plus the clear favouritism of an othewise miserly public expenmditure regime to the south, is recreating the grim divide so characteristic of the 1980s.

2. Hugo Rifkind picks out the astonishingly brazen autioning at the fund raising Conservative Black and White Ball of City internships which went for £3500 a throw. Why has such a gift for the left been spurned by the Labour leadership? Well, simple really, Ed Miliband got his first beak in politics by serving as an inteern for Tony Benn.

Yes, but I strongly suspect Tony didn't auction it, and Ralph didn't bung him a few thousand for takingbthe lad!
Fair points both Bob!
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