Thursday, September 09, 2010


Warning Voices on Coalition's Future Prospects

We are all told Boris Johnson is fiercely ambitious and would like one day to take a shot at the Tory leadership. If this is true, and I think it may well be so, then Cameron should worry that he recently said:

'The question is how far and how fast the deficit can be cut without provoking a double-dip recession. The risk is that if there is a serious downturn at the end of the year, it is the coalition that will cop the blame.' [Yesterday's Guardian- can't manage a link]

Precisely Boris. And if it does I guess you'll be one of the guys hanging around seeking to pick up some of the pieces. Where would this leave the Lib Dems? In very serious trouble no doubt. Michael White warns that this party will face a stern challenge next year:

Even if George Osborne's judgment that deeper, faster cuts will be better for the economy in the long run proves correct, no one expects it to be obvious by 5 May 2011. That is election day for the Welsh and Scottish devolved legislatures and for almost every council in England: 10,000 seats in total. The Lib Dems have plenty to lose – 2,337 seats to be precise, 112 more than Labour. Most of the seats up in 2011 will again be in "all-out" council elections where the stakes can be very high.

Make no mistake people right now are blaming Labour for this mess we are in, if we have a double dip I doubt people will blame the Tories, yes the liberals are in a mess but hell they are use to that.

But in the end do we want to have New Labour back in Power I do not think so, sadly the medicine is not nice, and it might well kill the patient, but sadly telling us the cure is new Labour no bloody thanks.

I realise that a self described career outside of the real world is likely to
leave you tunnel vision, but if you want to be taken seriously, please don't describe guvmint (taxpayer) spending as being associated with cuts/reduction in the next 5 years.

As any fule no, guvmint (taxpayer) spending will rise 15% in cash terms this Parliament. It is perverse (dishonest?) to describe this as a cut, and look forward to hearing (via the BBC & Grauniad*) that front line services will be maintained/improved due to this guaranteed income stream.

(* pause for irony)

Kind regards
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