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Sooner or Later Coulson is 'Toast'

I heard John Whittingdale MP, Tory member of the Media and Culture Select Committee shamefully fending off questions about the need to reopen the investigation into Andy Coulson's alleged practice, when editor News of the World of encouraging journalists to make illegal phone taps. Before May 2010 when the new government came to power, this MP was as gung ho as anyone to probe Coulson's claim that he knew nothing about the practice. Now Coulson serves his party leader, he has come over all shy and unwilling to advance an investigation. Funny that.

For me the basic story was enough to convince me Coulson knew all about the phone hacking. Clive Goodman, NoW royal editor was convicted in 2007 for hacking into voicemail for aides to royalty; Glen Mulcaire a much used private investigator, got six months for the same charge. That the editor was in the dark about such widely usedpractices, I thought virtually impossible yet this was Coulson's claim, which he repeated in public to the M and C committee, to the disbelief of some of its members. Cameron either believed him or didn't care as he was happy to employ the ex editor as his Press Secretary. Now Blair felt he needed a red top man to do the same job but Campbell, whilst a colourful and slightly notorious figure, had no posible illegality hanging over his head.

And so it remained for some years, with Cameron the beneficiary of Murdoch's gratitude in autumn 2009 when The Sun came out for the Tories. The story was revived in 2010 when the New York Times sent a team of investigative reporters over here to dig out more dirt, apparently to damage its rival, Murdoch's Wall Street Journal. This report unearthed more journalists declaring Coulson knew all about the hacking, though the most outspoken one, Sean Hoare, had been dismissed for drink and drugs excesses and his credibility is consequently reduced. The Observer article, giving background to the story, suggested Coulson not only exercises key influence within the new government, but has provided Cameron with crucial social links to the likes of top Murdoch executive, Rebekah Brooks plus Elizabeth and James Murdoch.

Coulson enjoys total support at present from Cameron but the NYT investigation has set a lot of windows rattling, with people like John Prescott- himself a victim of the hacking- making legal moves to re-open the case. While the Times and The Sun have told their readers nothing about the case, with The Telegraph likewise, I think the story now has legs once again and the non credible story that Coulson never knew of what was clearly widespread within his newspaper, will crack under the pressure.

Not very edifying is it, clutching at straws for a non-story.

Bleating politico scum such as My Lord Prescott (apparently a techie, able to embrace Facebook) aren't able (or willing) to secure their voicemail by changing password from the factory settings...

Mind how you go.

Kind regards
It would seem you are so blinded by partisan malice, you cannot see this is a potentially explosive story.
The more Prescott is on TV, the better for any Tory.

It does seem a non-story and a political rehash, rather than explosive. A full investigation has yielded no credible evidence. Only NEW evidence could justify yet more investigation. And there doesn't seem to be any.
David and Michael
Not a rehash. If you heard the exchaznges with the overpromoted May and Tom Watson, you'd know the original Met investigation was by no means adequate and left key witnesses uninterviewed.
I know nothing of the original Met investigation, as I suspect does the ludicrous Tom Watson. I referred to the Parliamentary inquiry in the last session.

I see the Met have AGAIN said there will be no new inquiry, due to the absence of new evidence. Are there any credible witnesses left to interview?

It is a political rehash, at a time when certain Labour figures need a scandal to distract us from the mess they are in. But the police obviously think there is no scandal here. They are clearly trying a POLITICAL stunt to remove someone close to Cameron. In time, they may remove Coulson. But rather more than this required to move the police I suspect. It really should be put up or shut up time. Is there any new credible evidence? If so what? If not...shut up.
I refer you to the article by Nick Davies in Guardian. I know you don't read or rate it but Davies is a highly respected former Journalist of the year:
Skipper is right. The story is not going away, and the longer it refuses to go away, the more damage it will do to the government. Since no government an allow itself to go on being damaged indefinitely in order to hang onto a mere spin doctor, Coulson will ultimately have to go, just as Whelan, Campbell and McBride all did before him.
Skipper is right. The story is not going away, and the longer it refuses to go away, the more damage it will do the government. Since no government can allow itself to go on being damaged indefinitely in order to hang onto a mere spin doctor, it follows that Coulson will ultimately have to go, just as Whelan, Campbell and McBride all did before him.
Skip/Paul : Get yourself in a hole - stop digging....

You are correct in that I would not rely on the Grauniad to provide me with a balanced picture/story on any aspect of what purports to be "news".

N. Davies - any relation to the close associate of ubersocialist Robert Maxwell & Mossad employee ? *

* notice what I did there, taking a leaf out of Tony Bliars book (so to speak) - smearing by association ?

O/T, but i'm more than disappointed not to have read a post relating to the current proceedings of the Pakistan cricket Team. Can't wait to hear how its all the fault of the (ex) colonial power & why we now should be shovelling more money their way in a feeble attempt to assuage our guilt at their plight.

Mind how you go.

Kind regards

Goodnight & goodluck
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