Tuesday, June 01, 2010


Once Again, Where is the Proportionality?

Israel has admitted it messed up and this time it seems to have alienated the whole world, including, just possibly, their Big Brother Friend, the USA. Israel says they were atatcked by 'extremists' on one of the seven 'aid convoy' boats commandos shinned down ropes to occupy. Given that their claims no other boats offered such resistance, there might be a case here, but we still don't know the facts and I suspect the Israeli Army will not be quick to offer any. Certainly the footage available shows the activists attacking the parachutists as they landed on deck but to open fire with live ammunition was not clever.

During the Gaza War in 2008 Israel pointed out their own casualities from Gaza launched rockets. Any casualty, especially the death of innocent civilians is to be hugely regretted but there were only 13 Israeli deaths and 1370 Palestinian ones. Astonishingly disproportionate. Here again we see 9 deaths, mostly Turkish activists- which has lost Israel a vital Islamic friend in the region- compared with er.. zero Israeli commandos. Who on earth briefs the generals who lead these troops? The day is approaching when israel is left friendless and truly vulnerable in the Middle- East.

I was pleased to see William Hague departed from Labour's slavish script and openly criticised the clumsily brutal Israeli military action.

These people were openly boasting how they were going to violate Israel's borders. The footage clearly shows them attacking Israeli soldiers. The soldiers defended themselves and Israel's terrirorial integrity.

I don't criticise Israel, because it is a nation under attack. Their methods of defending themselves are their prerogative, and I expect my government to back them as an important ally. William Hague's statement was very unfortunate. If he is really going to treat our allies like this, then maybe countries will wonder about the value of British friendship.

The sad truth is that these people on the so-called "convoy"(probably no more than soft-headed leftie "do-gooders". I think Stalin referred to such types as "useful stooges") were duped by Hamas terrorists. The result was sad(for the protestors) but predictable.

Perhaps Israel won't wiped off the map after all.
It was Lenin and the term was 'useful idiots'. The argument re proportional use of force you didn't touch on I noticed. If you behave as Israel has done you will eventually alienate all your support worldwide and this could ultimately do great harm to their cause, with which I have always sympathised.
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