Friday, May 07, 2010


Prediction: After Gordon Tries and Fails Cameron Will Govern as Minority PM

Stayed up late with friends drinkiing wine as we watched the results coming through. Only arose a few minutes ago so not sure about anything much yet but, sticking my neck out (some of that wine still in my bloodstream), I kind of feel that:

i) Once all trhe results declared, Gordon will seek to cobble together a coalition from LDs and Nats.
ii) Tories and their press will shriek illegitimacy for a 'defeated' PM and government to seek to do this, especially when an economic crisis threatens to overwhelm the country..
iii) Clegg will come to conclude such an alliance will be damaging in any subsequent election-he said he'd never do a deal with Gordon after all- and maybe Nats too will come to same conclusion. A deal would be easier if Gordon stood down but this doesn't seem likely at the moment.
iv) Eventually, in a day or so, Gordon will give up and let Cameron in to rule as minority government.

What I really want, of course, is for Labour and LDs to do a deal on reforming the voting system but I just can't see it emerging out of the current chaotic situation. I'd be delighted if it did. I also feel it was a disgraqce that so many voters were turned away from the polling station for reasons which were beyond belief: eg they'd run out of ballot papers!

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