Saturday, April 03, 2010


Time for Blair to Give Something Back?

I've always thought a Labour politician was more believable if he or she was not too vulnerable to the lure of material goods- cars, houses, jewelry, private planes, yachts and the like. So the disappointment I felt was acute when Tony Blair proved to be such an enthusiastic fat cat. Not that by this time I'm not all 'disappointed out' with the former member for Sedgefield.

But the recent article by Martin Kettle contained a suggestion which caught my eye by 'one of his staunchest Westminister supporters' that 'Tony needs to donate a million pounds to the Labour Party.' I don't think it would win any votes but the party needs it and deserves it considering how much of his earning power is the result of the position won for him by the party and its 'small batallions' to which I belong. I think it would also reassure me and others that Tony still has a shred or two of integrity left. Mind you, I don't think Cherie would for a moment let him.

Not sure I agree with this. There are two problems:
1. Didn't TB rescue Labour by tranforming them from a bunch of unelectable left-wing muppets to a party of (at least initially) sensible government? Shouldn't the Labour Party pay him a million pounds?
2. The idea presupposes that Labour having a million pounds more to spend on their campaign would help ordinary decent people have better lives. The last thirteen years are surely all the evidence we need that this is hardly likely.
Let Blair keep his money and let Labour lose.
How nice to hear from you again after a longish break. As you might have guessed, I don't agree with you. One might as well say Cameron ought to give Blair a million for having provided the template for tranforming a bunch of rightwing muppets into potentially a party of government?
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