Thursday, April 15, 2010


Times Poll Poses Dramatic Questions

Along with many others I was finding the campaign a bit boring until I saw the poll in The Times yesterday. Analysis by Peter Riddell (see left) revealed a number of remarkable things.
i) Cameron's lead was a mere 3% while others are posting an average figure closer to 8%
ii) four out of eight policies are being attributed to the wrong party by voters- which makes a nonsense out of all this earnest manifesto writing.
iii)More than 40% of voters expect Cameron to win the debate tonight.
iv) 32% would prefer a hung parliament as against 50% for one with a clear majority.
v) by 44 to 31 per cent Lib Dem voters would prefer their party to join a Labour rather than a Tory one.
Based on this poll Labour would be the biggest party with 300 seats with Tories on 264 and Lib Dems 54. But this poll was taken before the launch of the Tories' striking manifesto which might well shift the advantage back a little. But this poll makes the contest interesting!

Looking forward to your post-debate assessment skipper. Especially given the interesting point no. iii)!
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