Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Oh Please, Not More Gordon Even After the Election!

It really is so depressing! We see Gordon Brown humiliated today by having to apologise to the Chilcot inquiry regarding his claim the Defence budget has increased year by year since 1997. I guess he didn't make this mistake personally but the staff member responsible is no doubt currently being waterboarded somewhere deep within Whitehall. And he has the unbelievable brass-neck to say he is going to stay on as leader even if he loses the election.

The Guardian's most recent ICM poll shows Labour's 'recovery' has stalled: it is now 9 points behind the Tories. Cameron has double point leads as: the man voters want to win(11points); the leader 'best campaigning for people like you'(20 points); and as the most competent prime minister(14 points). As the Guardian leader puts it: "(he)drains Labour's standing with a public that overwhelmingly feels that it is time for a change."

I've been a party member now since 1974 and I don't expect anyone to do more than shrug when I say it, but if the Labour Party-so pusillanimous on this crucial issue- persists with this inappropriate loser of a leader after an election defeat, I will almost certainly(leaving myself just a little wiggle room there) resign my party membership and join either the Greeens or the Lib Dems.

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