Saturday, March 06, 2010


Michael Foot: One of the Good Guys

In 1997 I interviewed Michael Foot for a tiny political journal. I recall entering his office and not being able to see him. Eventually he peeped out from behind a pile of books and soon became the most lovely politician I have ever met. But his stint as leader was a disaster. If Healey-the outstanding Labour politician postwar- had won our history would have been a lot different. Foot's inability to control the left produced that rubbish manifesto (which caused me to vote SDP!).

Really nice guys come last in politics but I am so glad there are some of them in the 'game' anyay. They serve to humanize it, restrain the nastier types and reassure the country decent values are not irrelevant. But just don't make them leader!


I'm reminded of a quote Neil Kinnock has given in the past few days which nicely, in my opinion, sums up Michael Foot.

He said, I once asked Michael why he took such long pauses during speeches, wondering if they were purely dramatic.

He replied: 'Dramatic? Dramatic? No, I'm an asthmatic'

Like you say, it's nice to see some of the 'good lot' in there.
I did not like Foot much, but I agreed with him about Nukes all that money for something we will never use, and if we would use them why have we not.

But sadly being working class I now look at labour and think well, they are not the party of the working class anymore, so who are, the nearest, which are the BNP, but I cannot vote for them, so I'm left sitting at home on election day thinking one day.
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