Sunday, March 28, 2010


Has My Campaign Worked?

Readers of this blog might recall that every October(last 24/10/09) I repeat a cri de coeur begging that the ridiculous loss of an hour's daylight be reversed so that GMT+1 continue throughout the winter. Now it seems my prayers might be answered. According to an article in the Observer an all-party agreement is close: the plan is to have GMT+1 during the winter and GMT+2 during the summer. "Hallejulah!

But I'm not breaking open the bubbly just yet. Governments say they are going to do a lot of things and never do, so I'm not going to count any chickens. Also, if Scottish votes become especially valuable in the coming election this could become a pawn in a deal to win them. But my fingers and toes are tightly crossed.

I'd support fully your campaign if it was for abandoning all the clock changes and leaving the time alone. I can't see any benefit from going to GM + 1 and GM +2 unless it is the alignment with most of Europe
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