Monday, February 01, 2010


British politics today: Essentials

This new title aims to condense the complexities of British politics into a short manageable form for students at A/S level and above. It would also serve well anyone wishing to quickly acquire a good working knowledge of how the British political system works and has changed over recent decades.

The book covers the whole range of the core areas and the succinctly written text is illustrated with plentiful diagrams, tables and figures. Each chapter provides a coherent summary of the topic concerned and leads the reader on to further reading in longer, more detailed works.

The book can be ordered directly through the distributors website, or by emailing your order details to orders@nbninternational.

Find out more information about the book, including a full contents list.

Sounds interesting Skipper. I'd like to buy it. But £60 !!! Give us a break.
Shit! It's £10 in paperback. Sorry, I'm a plonker.
Is that what is says? They are selling it 20% discounted via my blog and the retail price if £13 paperback. I'll tell them re what's happened. Nice to hear from you after a long time!
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