Thursday, January 28, 2010


New Social Attitudes Survey Bad News for Labour

Hot on the heels of the John Curtice findings, posted on Monday, comes the annual British Social Attitudes Survey. This offers some fascinating insights into how our society is changing and its attitudes evolving. For those of us left of centre people, the report makes depressing reading for all kinds of reasons.

1. Party Allegiance: Out of the 4000 sample, 32% declared themselves to be Conservative supporters and only 27% Labour- the first time since 1994 Labour have not been in front.

2. .Brown and the Crisis: When asked if Gordon Brown's leadership during the economic crisis had made Britain's economic situation better or worse overall, only 43% opted for the latter, with 50% for the former. 28% reckoned he'd made it a 'lot worse'. This is appalling news for Labour and a sing voters know little of what the government has managed to do.

3. Change Needed Even among those who backed Labour in 2005, 38% now think it's 'time for a change'.

4. Redistribution: from better off to the poor: in 1994 51% agreed- now it's fallen to 38%. Among Labour supporters the fall has been from 68% to a startling 49%.

5. Apathy: depressing for supporters of both parties was the figure of 56% who believed they had no civic 'duty' to vote. Moreover, while 8% thought it was not worth voting in 1998, now the figure is 18%. As a militant supporter of, an albeit reformed representative democracy, these figures are the ones which make me most depressed. Some of the low ratings for labour merely reflect voter exasperation with Brown and his lack of political appeal. They will change as the pendulum swings, but despair at the system might make such swings irrelevant.

6. Public Services Spending. In 1997 62% favoured more spending on public services- the present figure is 39%.

On the plus side- well I thought so- we have become a lot more liberal during the past decade or so. There has been an increase from 38% to 45% among those considering it makes 'no difference to children' if their parents are 'married or just living together'. And those thinking homosexual relationships 'wrong' had declined from 62% in 1983 to 36% now.

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Pity really but what did Labour do, they did not see or did not care about the housing bubble, they refused to build social housing to keep the banks making profits from people they knew were desperate for housing. They hurt the preople for failing to control the price of water, gas and electric, they allowed the council tax to become the biggest shit since the Polls tax. They failed to do anything when the housing bubble blew up saying it would find it's own level. Then they failed to even know about the banking problems or knew and said Nothing.

They brought in welfare reforms, and now we have a country which is ripe for the Tories.

the min wage is set way to low, and my benefits will be going down this year by £12 a week.

What has new labour done for me, I know what i will be doing for new labour.
On no.2

When the UK's economic performance against other countries is considered, it seems the poll results show the public know better than you what Brown has "managed to do".

Please can we get this tedium out of the way. This Government is so crap it is actually making previous Labour Governments look good. I would be mortified if I was a Labour supporter, and would be begging Dave(or anyone else) to end this farce and get these clowns off the stage beor they wreck Labour's electoral prospects for decades.
We can all decide voters are right or wrong in terms of when they agree with our own views. But the evidence, hardly startling, is that voters know little of what happened during the recent/ongoing crisis and, I would guess have merely expressed their dislike and lack of trust of Brown. I agree he has proved a huge disappointment and am beginning to think also, given the extent of the edconomic malaise, that the next election might be a good one to lose for Labour.
So voters are thick only politicians know, I watching Blair now and if ever you have seen a bloke fighting for his life look at this crap.

But I do know labour will leave power at the next election, and I do not think I will see labour take power again in my life time.

I look at my local labour party forty years ago standing room only, miners strike the meeting had to go to a school sports hall, local labour to day they meet in a living room in a members house.

Not to long ago I was with labour knocking on doors, everyone spoke out against labour in the Assembly Welsh elections, I was told it was just spite anger over the wars, come election day labour was almost wiped out, emergency meeting with MP's and councilors running all over the place to put out leaflets that the local MP was in fact a socialist, she was working for the people, and she would be having coffee morning to discuss what can be done.

labour had forgotten who set it up and what for, they had in fact become a carbon copy of the Tories
Of course I agree that voters know little of anything. Orwell had it right when he talked of Prolefeed, and I see from my UK papers that Celebrity Big Brother was a big hit(!).

Fact: The UK is the last major economy in the world to exit recession. In fact, when revised figures are taken into account, it may yet not have exited recession.

Opinions drawn from this fact may vary, but it is to be reasonably expected that a fair proportion of the British public will blame our political masters for economic woes. It was ever thus...
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