Tuesday, January 05, 2010


Which Miliband Willl it Be?

Much talk about the Miliband brothers possibly competing against each other for the leadership. Both sons of Ralph Miliband- refugees from the Holocaust- were educated in state schools and the same Oxford college with David getting the first and Ed the 2-1. Then David worked for Blair and Ed for Gordon, spanning the great divide in Labour politics during the noughties. Both ended up ihn the Cabinet, the first brothers to do so since Neville and Austen Chamberlain ihn 1931.

That both are very clever and able politicians is not in doubt, but who would make the best leader? David is the older-by 4 years- more experienced minister and recognised as potential leader, not to mention the object of effusive admiration from Hillary Clinton. But his attitude towards the leadership have been ambivalent. In 2008 he seemed to be making play to take over from the always struggling Gordon but his nerve seemed to fail and his speech at conference was the dampest of sqibs. Then in June last year James Purnell boldly resigned in an effort to bring Brown down. David again stood back and was happy to remain in post as well as rubbish Purnell's actions. David, also, while fearfully clever, lacks any common touch- he would seem painfully out of place in any Labour club.

Ed however, whilst younger, seems a better communicator and is reputedly more popular with Labour backbenchers. He was also a star at Copenhagen, arguably salvaging something from what seemed to be heading for complete disaster. He has also received a high profile since the conference. Moreover and, don't laugh, he looks better on telly than his elder brother who can look nerdish and lacking in facial character. Ed has a more mobile amusing face and film star eyes. These things really do matter when it comes to who will be judged most likely to haul in the votes.

So I would tend to say Ed is the horse I would place my wager on. Neveille was trhe yopunger son who became PM; Blair was the younger man who eclipsed Brown and I wouldn't be surprised if younger brother Ed emerges as trhe morte pipular choice in the end by Labour's electoral college. But I doubt if both brothers would ever compete against the other. It will be intriguing and maybe circumstances will eventually be the arbiter of who stands and who wins.

Who cares we will see many labour leaders over the next twenty odd years, all trying to get voters back, we might even get rid of the IP of New labour.

I had an email not to long ago telling me to stop using New labour, it's now the Labour party.

they said if you like to discuss this please contact us at Info@newlabour. Great.
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