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More Thouhghts on That Letter and Afghanistan

I maybe sounded a bit too critical of Brown in my last post and have been roundly taken to task by my blogging colleague Paul Linford in the comments box:

"I think the way the Sun has hounded the Prime Minister over this is quite scandalous and I'm surprised to see you giving succour to it. Gordon is damned if he does and damned if he doesn't in these situations. For goodness sake give the guy some credit for good intentions."

Having observed the awful hounding of Gordon Brown yesterday and today I have to ruefully agree with Paul. It is so obviously a Murdoch press operation to wound Brown via exploiting a mother's grief for her dead son. Nick Robinson added to my regret for criticising today when he pointed out that the PM is blind in one eye and has only 50% vision in ther other. His hand writing is poor because of this and not through carelssness and certainly not callousness.

He is a very well intentioned and highly moral person. This doesn't mean he should not resign and let someone else lead the party to a less catastrophic defeat, but it does mean he's been picked on unfairly. Incidentally, while on the subject of Afghanistan, I emailed Simon Jenkins regarding Ashdown's warning that our withdrawal would lead to the collapse of Pakistan, give nuclear weapons thereby to the Taliban and destroy NATO. His reply began by dismissing Paddy's scant knowledge of the area and concluded as follows:

"The idea that Pakistan "will fall" is rubbish. As for the Taliban having nuclear weapons, that depends on the truth of the first statement. As for staying in Afghanistan indefinitely in order to prop up Nato, that has to be the worst reason of all!"

I'm disabled they call it Paraplegia I call it being F*cked up, I Can walk slowly but have lost the use of my bowel bladder all sexual function, if I have to walk long distance I use a wheelchairs. MY writing is a lot worse then Brown, and my spelling has been bad for years.

But I know what I can and cannot do, so if I have to write a letter by hand my writing is worse then browns but if it's important I will ask my wife to read it, she will say Robert you have spelled this wrong, I will correct it.

Look this is not a letter to a MP or a councilor, it's a letter to a mother of a dead son, to spell his name wrong is beyond stupidity.
No you were right the first time. Brown deserved to be criticised for what he did. My understanding is that he took three weeks to write, and showed no knowledge of the family circumstances(a friend of the family tells me that the boy's father was killed on active service, and his brother continues to serve). I understand that the Queen wrote promptly and reflected these very personal things in her letter - a credit to the nation. The poor mother then had to read Brown's dreary rubbish - an embarrassment to the nation. The man is not up to the job. The people know it(after all they have never elected him and seem desperate to bin him), the press know it, the dogs on the street know it...

As for this suddenly found anger for Murdoch and The Sun...just who are you trying to kid?! Mandelson seems to have got himself into a right tizzy, the poor luv. His talk of the connections between Sky and The Sun is pathetic even by his standards. Where were these people when Murdoch was supporting Blair? Funny how Mandelson is suddenly so aware of this apparent flaw in our press. Any impartial observer will see him for the worst kind of hypocrite. In any case, it's pathetic because he has lost already. It will a pleasure to see his face next June.

Jenkins is a very brave man if he says that allowing Afghanistan to fall would not destabilise Pakistan. As someone who lives in the Muslim world, I disagree. Afghanistan would be a rallying point for anti-western sentiment, and Pakistan has enough of that already. The war perhaps should not be fought in the way we are doing it. But it has to be fought all the same. Many of the people opposing this war cannot be relied upon in any case. They oppose all forms of military actions in all circumstances. If Tony Benn and the like had their way, we would be living under Adolf Hitler's successors. For this reason, these people deserve to be ignored.
I'm not surprised by what you say re GB but it is significant that the Mail, the Express, the Times and hundreds of people who commented on the last mentioned's articel on it all felt Brown had been treated unfairly. Even the bereaved mother has accpeted his apology. The Sun has over done it and won sympathy for Gordon.
Times didn't seem that clear when I read it. Significant that The Mail and The Express took a chance to criticise its commercial rival?


Gordy doesn't need sympathy. He is supposed to be a leader. He is supposed to inspire people.

The only thing he needs is his P45.
What apology, she has stated it was no apology, Brown cannot bow his head to our dead, he cannot even write a dam letter, he says his eye sight does not affect his ability to run this country, being disabled I know I could not do the job, and sadly nor can Brown.
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