Monday, November 09, 2009


Gordon's Unfortunate Letter of Condolence

It's a nice touch for prime ministers to write personally to the families of sevicemen killed in action, but Gordon Brown's effort(pictured) has attracted harsh contumely from the mother of Jamie, the soldier concerned and the now officially hostile Sun newspaper. The Sun condemns such sloppy drafting counting twenty spelling and other errors.

Maybe this is nit-picking by a rightwing newspaper, criticising a desperately busy man, but it does seem sensible not to send out letters of condolence which make matters worse rather than provide comfort. One thing which strikes me is Gordon's handwriting. Mine has never been good and I'm no graphologist, but I such an expert has interesting things to say about the character of someone who writes such tortured, cramped and indecipherable characters. If you check out the linked article, you'll find the thoughtful Sun has provided just such expert in the person of an Elaine Quigley. She concludes 'I think he means well but he winds himself up so much it comes out all wrong'. Too true Elaine.

Don't know if it is fair to say that The Sun is right-wing. It has spent the last twelve years providing support to a Labour Government(albeit a fairly neutered version) over a Tory Party that has at various times been quite right wing on a number of issues. Perhaps 'populist' would be a better description.

I sympathise with Gordy on this issue actually. It shows a very decent and honourable streak in him. Unfortunately the way he has done it(ie the mistakes made and the manner the letter was presented), rather shows that he is just not PM calibre. The cynic in me says that a PM would be better spending his time ensuring that the Army has adequate resources, rather than commiserating with the mothers of soldiers killed(many because they didn't have the right equipment!).
Considering that he can barely see, it would seem to me that handwriting analysis is even more redundant than usual in his case.
If he has not got the time to write to a mother of a dead soldier perhaps he had more time by sodding off.

No excuse for this, if you cannot write then type it, have it checked for god sake he has enough people sitting around doing sod all.

Tortured minds, then do not go to war.
Oh the irony...
I think the way the Sun has hounded the Prime Minister over this is quite scandalous and I'm surprised to see you giving succour to it. Gordon is damned if he does and damned if he doesn't in these situations. For goodness sake give the guy some credit for good intentions.
Then find out the lads name, and ask your wife to spell check, for god sake I know I cannot spell so I use a spell checker, sending a message to the mother of a dead child, because to her this is her child thats died, you can at least spell his name right, forget the sun I never read the shit anyway, but for god sake this letter could have been so important to her, and he gets the name wrong I'd be fuming.
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