Sunday, October 11, 2009


Tory Support For 'Good Friend' Kaminski Truly Shameful

David Miliband is right to attack the Conservatives' rightwing flank just as Jonathan Freedland suggested a few days ago. Miliband says in The Observer:

"There will be incredulity in Washington, Beijing and Delhi, never mind Berlin and Paris, that a party aspiring to government in Britain – the party of Winston Churchill, no less – chooses allies like this,"

The 25 Tory MEPs sit alongside Kaminski and other equally unsavoury Latvian and Lithuanian rightwingers in the European Conservatives and Reformists Group (ECR), the group they moved to from the more orthodox previous rightwing grouping because it was deemed too close to being 'euro-federalist'. Kaminski has refused to apologize for his country's role in the massacre of 300 Jews at Jebwabne in 1941 and his party is openly homophobic. Miliband is himself of Jewish extraction, of course, and many of his relatives-possibly as many as 80- were killed in the Holocaust.

William Hague, Shadow Foreign Secretary has described Kaminski in a letter as 'a good friend of the Conservative Party'. If Cameron and his opportunist cronies want to win the 117 seats needed to form an overall majority- something they have not done since 1931- they will have to weigh the value of such alliances when they hit support in two influential groups of voters: the gays and the Jews.

All very well saying who our allies in the Euro Parliament shouldn't be. For me, I am more concerned with the thieves and liars trying to push through the Treaty of Lisbon, against the clearly expressed wishes of the people of Europe. I will expect Cameron to mess this whole cosy club up when he gets into power. If he needs the likes of Kaminski to do it, then so be it. In any case, the massacre at Jedwabne is more complicated than you suggest. My understanding is that Kaminski does not dispute that murder here took place and that it was wrong. He merely disputes the degree of Polish culpability. So too do many respected academics. Unlike Blair and his pathetic "apology" for the potato famine, many people believe that you can only apologise for something that is your fault.

Gays - doubt many of them vote Tory in any case. I wouldn't if I were them. The vast majority of Tories, including myself, will do nothing to further their agenda and they know it. I would be all for making their lives considerably tougher than they are now.

The Jews - tradionally don't vote Tory anyway. Support for the state of Israel should shore up support among the decent element of them. The rest - let them vote for Livingstone and the rest of the militant anti-Israel brigade if they are stupid enough.

The truth is the next election is in the bag. We need neither - both are small left-inclined minorities in any case. I am much more concerned with representing the vast majority of the European people who desire an end to the dictatorship and have been ignored for so long by their "representatives" than upsetting a few luvvies at The Observer.
Election is in the bag, well we will see.
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