Monday, October 26, 2009


Tony Blair Would be Good as EU President

If, as seems likely, the Czech president finally decides to ratify the Lisbon Treaty, the next issue to make Tory Euro-sceptics wet their knickers is whether Tony Blair should be the first incumbent as EU president- well discussed here and here. Oh yes, and here. My view is he would make an excellent choice. This is not because I wholly trust him or think him especially truthful but because I see him as a highly effective politician-Hague's high pitched protests bear testimony to that- who will do a job Europe needs doing.

My position begins as a committed internationalist. I think we need more collaborative action to stem global warming, terrorism, international crime and world poverty. The UN has failed to achieve: the EU has achieved its goal of economic integration and a degree of political unity also. But, as is sometimes said: Europe is an 'economic giant but a political pygmy'. For years Europe has meekly accepted a distant second place to the US and even looks like being shunted into a lesser future role than China as the future shape of the world's power dispositions begin to emerge.

Blair would provide the dynamism and flair to raise the EU's profile, to ensure its voice is heard. True he has been a divisive politician but he has also been a unifier too as in Northern Ireland. I find it hard to accept that the Tories are so viscerally opposed- unless they fear this guy is just too good for them- as surely a Brit in such a high profile position would be a good thing for the UK? To oppose him just because of domestic rivalries smacks of small minded parochialism.
To get the Economist's odds on the competition see here.

Why not the whole of the EU is built on non democracy so why not have a lier and a bloke who has made millions on wars, going to the USA to tell them how hard it was for him to send troops to Iraq but his love of Bush clinched it.

Why not I can go then and Join the bloody UKIP.
Anon is right. The democratic deficit is clear for all to see. Ireland was bullied into it, and there are clear majorities across the continent against it. I am not so confident the Czechs will ratify. And if they don't, then you can forget the whole thing.

As regards the EU, Blair is perfect. No figure in our history has quite encapsulated such a contempt for procedure, history and public opinion as this man - the EU was made for him. But I would be amazed if the decent countries of Europe would have him. And they should get no lack of encourage to bin him from Dave.

Regardless, come next June the EU is going to have a lot more to reckon with.
Ooooooh! 'Come next June' - what's all that about? The prospect of Lord Snooty and his chums being in power? My, my, I bet Brussels really is shitting itself.
It's called sovereignty Linda. Brussels should be shitting itself - the Irish people might have been bullied, but we won't.
Will they notice the difference, will we.
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