Friday, October 23, 2009


Griffin Exposed by Democratic Debate on Question Time

Did you see it? It was woeful I thought from Griffin's point of view. The panel were very well prepared- had read all the damning quotes and had them to hand, had seen the Youtube clips of him actually speaking the offending quotations, so his claims of being misquoted carried little weight.

Baroness Warsi was particularly effective and the Tories clearly have a potential star here. Jack Straw was a bit bumbling I thought but made some telling points in his somewhat wordy way.

I actually felt a bit sorry for the silly man at times, so effectively was his pretence of being 'just a concerned patriot' dismantled. If this is the best he can do British political culture has little to worry about.

For democracy, free speech and British values of toleration, not to mention the BBC's obligation to give every point of view a fair crack, the programme represented 'Job Done'.

He may well think he negotiated the 60 minutes without conceding too many own goals or even, any major gaffe, but the vast majority of the viewers will have seen someone struggling desperately to answer the charges regarding vicious racism and Holocaust denial. He did get some good publicity for his odious views but it was not good publicity.

But I'm fully aware I might be wrong. Many viewers might have ignored the effective kebabbing of his arguments and merely received the thinly disguised racist messages with approval. The future will reveal how effective or ineffective has was, but I thought he was, in a word, rubbish.

he was a twit I have changed my mind about race and the Holocaust, yes so have I as well especially about the idiot that runs the BNP Turkey comes to mind.
I think he was treated nasty by the BBC they should be ashamed of them selves, but it was good TV all the same I love the way he squirmed. Griffin mate your a racist twat.

The majority of the people commenting on the BBC News website seem to think that the audience was skewed, the political establishment unrepresentative of British public opinion and the host showed a remarkable lack of objectivity in the face of what can only be described as a mob.

Having watched the programme, I agree.

Griffin made a number of intelligent points in the show. His critique of Islam and its lack of respect for women and democracy is one that liberal Britain feebly ignores. The audience made it virtually impossible for him to be examined on any issue(and he deserves to be examined on a few). Given this, it is hard to see how anything was proven beyond the fact that the BBC has become a parody of public broadcasting and that London has ceased to be a British city.

For all their faux outrage, I suspect the BNP will be delighted by this week's events. Their share of the vote will continue to increase while the political establishment fails deal with immigration.
well you would....
I think the problem is that, whereas you and I think he was exposed as a pathetic ill-informed racist, the programme will have done little to persuade those who have voted BNP, or might vote BNP, not to do so. As several people have pointed out in the newspapers: could they not find just one articulate, white, working-class anti-racist in whole country? Surprisingly, I think Oakeshott has a point: it was all a bit too metropolitan elite and it was insufficiently forensic (to say the very least).
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