Friday, July 31, 2009


Purdy Judgement Makes a British Dignitas Clinic Only a Matter of Time

It seems a bit bizarre for such ecstatic pictures of Debbie Purdy to be adorning today's front pages but we can all understand the sense in which she has her 'life back'. The High Court judgement is a welcome recognition that popular attitudes towards assisted suicide have changed drastically since the 1961 Suicide Act. The road to legalising assisted suicide now seems clear. But this judgement does illustrate the problems policy-makers, not to mention the top judges in the land, face when the law signals such a rethink.

The possibility that ruthless people might manipulate a changed law to acquire someone's wealth, is the most obvious danger but this decision clearly opens up the possibility that hundreds of geriatric patients-and we are an ageing society- will come to decide life is no longer worth living and will queue up in the new exit lounge.

Once this happens, it will be a short step before some enterprising person or organisation sets up our very own Dignitas clinic in this country. In my view this is both inevitable and welcome, but I can see why judges have balked at yesterday's judgement when considering this question in previous years.

These people annoy me they say they are doing for it for others well she did not ask me or my wife or anyone else.

My wife was born in 1948, they took her away from her mother and told the family she was still born.

In fact my wife was born with serious Spina bifida, doctors had decided it would be better to leave her die.

Her father was walking out when a nurse told her father she was alive, he stormed into the room she was laying in a dish left to die, he took her played up hell, three hours later she had an operation the first operation it's believed under the NHS. The reason they left her to die the cost of the operation.

My wife walked at eight years of age, played sport, then worked until she was 50, when a scan showed her spine was collapsing and she is now disabled, but she had lived until 60 had two children, has five grand kids, all because people though it best she die.

If this lady wants to die it's easy to do, changing the law how long before doctors decide for the disabled how long we can live, how about if doctor stated hello this man is ninety, yes he is fit but he is costing us to much, you'd go wild but hell the disabled.

I've seen lot of people who want to die, if you want to die fine kill your self, if my wife was in such a state I do it for her and f*ck the courts, but how long will it be before we have husband or wives saying she wanted to die she was disabled,
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