Thursday, July 09, 2009


Noel Gallagher's Thoughts an Oasis of Wisdom

Pop musicians are always good for some summertime light relief and I've always quite liked Oasis, in a guilty sort of way, for their occasional ability to sound like The Beatles. They originate from Burnage, just down the road from where I used to live and when I read somewhere the Gallagher brothers had admitted to doing a bit of car radio acquistion when younger, I felt like sending them an invoice for the several nicked from my car when parked outside my house.

Of the two brothers, Noel is supposed to be the clever creative one, though this article suggests that if this is so brother Liam, cerebrally speaking, might be more than a little challenged. It seems Noel is in a more reflective mood these days and is wondering what it's all about. He's looking for something else to do- maybe join another band. Is he sure he wants to carry on being one of the world's most rockstariest rockstars? Doubts have crept in according to a recent interview with Corriere del Sera. About all those drugs for example, on which he spent an estimated £1m before 1998:

"I stopped because it is bad for your health, brain, life and for people around you,"

So maybe he should join that clean living British band Coldplay? Hmmm. He'd not be sure about that, because that Chris Martin, he sounds a bit of a poncy wimp, a twat. For instance:

I look at Chris Martin who says he has never taken drugs in his life and I think he is an idiot. Doing drugs is the most beautiful thing about being in a rock band."

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