Sunday, June 14, 2009


Poll Shows Brown is on very Thin Ice

A Yougov poll for the Sunday Timesshows just how thin the ice is under Gordon Brown after his close escape a week ago.

Respondents' answers showed: 74% thought Brown was 'doing badly as prime minister; 51% thought his presence 'damaging to the country'; 49% thought a general election should be held immediately and 49% thought the Sir Alan Sugar appointment a 'silly gimmick'.

However, Cameron's joy will not have been unconfined as they also revealed that: 44% did not believe Cameron had the right 'team and policies to tackle Britain's policies'; a similar number expressed doubts over Cameron's team as a whole.

But with 40 points in the poll to Labour's 24, it's clear where the direction is leading at present with 33% saying Cameron and Osborne were most trusted to raise living standards compared with only 22% for Gordon Brown and Alistair Darling. On top of this we learn today that Labour's major donors are deserting the ship as they have no confidence in the captain.

As we enter into the final year of Labour's reign, Gordon and his supporters must be praying Mr Macawber's optimism was well founded. Finally, I note Margaret Becket has given up any hopes of winning next May and predicts a hung parliament. Right now, I'd settle for that.

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