Saturday, June 06, 2009


Labour MPs Best Chances still lie with Keeping Gordon as PM

Anyone wishing for clarity in this confused political situation can seldom do better than read Peter Riddell in The Times. The Times is pretty good in the crisis too. Gordon's reshuffle was rescued just, by the successful isolation of Purnell's attempted coup but it did stop him replacing Darling with Balls as intended. It is also obvious that Mandelson-now virtually Deputy PM- has also become the lynchpin of this tottering government.

The Euro results will be a further body blow and Labour MPs meet tomorrow to discuss the crisis. Many think they will turn on Brown and turf him out, good riddance. They may well do so but I tend to agree with Mandy that this would be unwise. An election process will probably not play well with voters and it will be very hard to resist calls for an early election.

If that comes, Labour will be out for a generation. If they are wise Labour MPs will stick with Gordon- the devil they know- as that way at least they will survive until may 2010. But disillusion with Brown may cloud their judgemment and, as turkeys they may vote for Christmas.

If Peter Mandelson is backing Gordon Brown then, despite reservations, I'll happily take my cue from him.

He's rather better placed and far more political astute than I am!
Ask yourself this: did John Major REALLY help the future prospects of the Conservative Party by staying on after, say, 1995? Did the Tories achieve anything from 1995-1997, aside from blackening their names for a generation by being associated with selfishness, division and incompetence. Do you really think we are going to look back on Labour's last year(and it will be) and say that it helped the country or the party? No. Brown has no mandate to rule, merely the constitutional entitlement. The British people have never endorsed him as their leader, and show no sign that they ever will. He has no vision, no agenda and no charisma. For God's sake just go man.

Him staying only helps the Tories, and weakens sterling, so in effect the only person to benefit from him staying is me.
Amazingly the rebels have utterly blown it. They've shown themselves to have no plan, no candidate and no courage.Purnell's exit was meant to be the starting gun for a mass walk out, he must have looked behind him and wondered where everyone else was.

While Brown is a shocking leader the failure by his opponents to show they can organise themselves probably means replacing Brown will result in something even worse.A true choice between a rock and a hard place....
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