Monday, June 22, 2009


It's Widdy for Me for Speaker

If I had a vote for Speaker today, I reckon I'd cast it for Ann Widdicombe. Whatever her negative points- and her shrill voice must be among them- she is sincere, sqeaky clean(a bit too squeaky, I hear you say) on expenses and she is clever. I think she could become another Betty Boothroyd. She is a bit schoolmistressy I agree, but maybe that's what the Commons needs right now to restore its authority.

And what about the others? I do hope Margaret Beckett doesn't get it. She'd be competent and worthy but, after a long period of Labour Speakers it must be fair for a Conservative to get the job for a spell. More importantly, Margaret would be so boring! Sir George Young is also mentioned as a strong runner. He seems OK, but there were a few expenses questions about him weren't there? and maybe we have enough old Etonians knocking around the centres of power right now.

As for John Bercow, he may have changed his spots from when he was the last hope of stern and unbending Thatcherism but, I can well recall disliking him then quite a bit and his candidacy smacks a bit too much of 'last gasp' careerism to me.

No, Widdy ticks all the boxes for me, though a decade ago I would not have backed her conduct a bus let alone the Commons. I have respected the way she has taken much criticism for being a fusty old rightwing spinster but has remained unashamedly true to who she is. And she has bottle, something you need from time to time as Speaker. She says she's standing down next election, so only a stop-gap Speaker? I reckon she'd stay on if she got the gig.

Should of been Ann I agree, not that turncoat we have now!
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