Friday, May 22, 2009


Steen Says it All re MPs' Expenses

At last we have the definitive statement of the trangressing MP's point of view. The answer, of course, according to Anthony Steen MP is that we 'are jealous' and have no right to intrude into his private life. No doubt he was all in favour of Emperor Bokassa's and Imelda Marcos's behaviour as to criticise them would have been to commit similar violations.

Check out this hilarious video to realise why parliament has reached its present parlous state.
Hat-tip Gavin Trait.

Steen is an absolute disgrace and typifies what is wrong with some of our representatives.
He is a prize twit isn't he? I expect Cameron is very pleased indeed that he will shortly be rid of him!
A thought that had crossed my mind as well. Don't get me wrong, Steen and some of the others are half-wits and deserve everything they get. But Dave is certainly showing enthusiasm as a butcher. This fuss is a big opportunity for Dave in all sorts of ways, and so far he is handling it very well.

Am not however so keen on these open primaries. He wants to be careful he doesn't piss off a lot of hardworking longstanding members by floating in rent-a-quote celebrities.
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