Saturday, May 30, 2009


Farage wins his Spurs Against Humphrys this Morning

I have to make a confession and a sort of an apology. I had always assumed Nigel Farage was a bit like the plausible door to door salesman he rather resembles. Glibly fluent he always seemed a bit too street-smart to trust in any way. And besides, I'm a convinced EU enthusiast who believes it helped bring to an end the most disastrous sequence of wars in the world's history by replacing hostile competition with economic cooperation. As a template for a world likely to survive more than just a few centuries I can't think of a better one on offer.

Add to all that the fact that UKIP supporters and those of the BNP are so mutually sympathetic a merger was mooted not so long ago, and you can see why I found UKIP's leader resistible. But I thought he came out of his interview this morning with John 'Rotweiller' Humphrys on Today, with colours flying. It wasn't just that Farage was confident- he's always seemed a bit too cocky- he was also articulate, direct and saw off his interrogator's questions with aplomb. He admits he exploits MEP allowances, up to £2m a year and employs his own wife, but claims he spends the money on UKIP campaigning.

Reprehesible? Well, he answered, the EU spends £2 billion a year trying to convince us they are wonderful so this small amount dedicated to questioning such propoganda is surely justified. Good answer which seemed to satisfy Humphrys though Farage might find others will want to dig further. No doubt in my mind that Farage came through his interview with some distinction. I thought Farage a superficicial lightweight: he is clearly a formidable politician. When today's poll showing Labour running behind UKIP for the 4th June elections, one has to appreciate the full extent of the former's plight and the latter's advantage. I and others like me, may not like it, but we're going to hear and see a lot more of Mr Farage after those elections.

So what do you intend to do about it. There is one thing to accept 'he came through his interview with some distinction' but quite another to throw your EU hands in the air!
It always annoys me when people don't leave their names and I think they forfeit thereby the right to ask anyone what they intend to do about anything.

What do you suggest I do? Take a contract out on him?
Your post irritated me in a another way Skip, and I shall leave my name.

The insinuation that UKIP and the BNP are linked is an insult to most people's intelligence. UKIP advocates self-determination and self-governance for the British people. Judging by recent opinions polls, the British people find this eminently reasonable, even if democracy threatens those devotees of the European Masterplan. The BNP are the modern version of fascism. I defend their right to exist, and will exercise my democratic right not to ever vote for them. I resent anyone trying to equate moral values for the parties. The only thing the parties have in common is that they threaten to embarrass the political class.

If our government represented our people better in Europe, valued our independence, respected democracy and had any sort of grip on the immigration and asylum situation, neither of these parties would be riding high.
Suspoected it might have been you Michael. I merely referred to rumours about a merger- don't know enough about UKIP to know how similar the two parties are but intense hostility to immigrants is at least one sililarity.
The Anon was not me.

Rumours of a merger are deliberate lies spread by a political class that has failed to deal with the issues the two parties have thrived on.

I suspect their punishment is imminent.
Sorry, I thought you were 'admitting' to be 'anon' in your earlier comment.
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