Wednesday, April 22, 2009


The Advantages of Darling and the Madness of Continuing with Trident

I originally had Darling down as a very sharp cookie, very well presented and intellectually disciplined. Then as he occupied a succession of jobs at Social Security, Work and Pensions, Transport, without visibly disturbing the surface of politics, I began to think he was a mere cypher, an empty vessel. This impression was confiormed when he was made Chancellor- Gordon was always going to have a 'yes' man in charge of his Treasury fiefdom. But Darling has been quite impressive during the crisis I reckon.

Firstly for keeping incredibly cool. To stay still and calm at the centre of the seething cauldron of the banking catastrophe and credit crunch has taken extraordinary sang froid. Secondly, he has stood up to Brown's attempt to borrow yet more money to add to the mountain already borrowed and throw into what may yet prove to be a black hole.

Faced with the budget today I just hope he has the metal to deny Trident its £60 billion replacement. A permanent nuclear sub on patrol has always been a bit of 'great power' hubristic nonsense and, indeed, one wonders whom it is intended to act as a deterrent? Against a great power we would never use it and to deal with smaller powers we surely do not need such an expensive virility symbol as a delivery system, especially when we're virtually broke?

We can but hope for a deep review of the country's role in the world. I have never subscribed to the concept of our punching above our weight in world affairs as this posturing is done at taxpayers' expense. Out of making a start to bring the real world home to the MoD, I should like to have a review of the maintenance of the country gentleman lifestyle of the officers at public expense. Go further and look at the rates of pay for the brass Take Whittakers where just the head Chaplain of the Army is paid as a Lieutenant General in the range £111,753 to £139,295 (2007 figures). The Archbishop of Canterbury gets £66,750. Time to wield the hatchet.
Regarding Trident. It wouldn't matter if he did, the Tory Government would reverse it in any case. Trident is a bargain and we need it. Economic ruin should not be allowed as cover for CND chameleons or other fifth columnists.

Darling's sang froid could be easily mistaken for gormless-ness. He hasn't exactly limited borrowing all that much Skip. I wonder what politicians in his position gain out of ruining their names and humiliating themselves with dead-end jobs and inevitable failure. At least Hitler had the decency to shot himself. He should count the days he has left(411) and line up his next job.

Cameron's reply - and I'm not really a Dave fan - was so devastating I felt sorry for Darling. Painful to watch. It was like watching a rugby team beating up a guy in a wheelchair.

Darling should give serious thought to a one way trip to Switzerland and a stay at Dignitas.
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