Wednesday, March 04, 2009


Gordon and Barack Show Proves a 'No-Show'

So it wasn't like George Bush in his flying jacket and Tony with his crotch squeezing chinos, but if you look at the picture left you'll see an even more adoring, sycophantic expression on the face of Gordon Brown as he gazes in awe at the charismatic politician who is (still) the most popular man in the world right now.

If you are interested enough to read press coverage of the visit the Daily Mirror today,you'll learn that:

The Barack & Brown show got off to a promising if unspectacular start at the White House.

Hmm. If you read the rest of the press, you'll get a completely different impression; take Alice Miles in The Times for example:

Gordon Brown and Barack Obama will hold a press conference and have a working lunch, No 10 announced. Oh no, they won't. the White House said. There was no formal press conference. And the lunch wasn't even an hour long. Except it wasn't actually lunch. It was “talks”. With a photo opportunity attached.

Oh dear. Poor Gordon, he's trying so hard and it shows. This debacle was only a tad shy of a humiliation I'd say. I do hope his speech goes well though I'm fairly confident, any standing ovations he gets will be made more out of politeness than enthusiasm.

I am surprised Obama even spared him the photo op. The clod will be gone in a year. With some of the rubbish in Britain(Polly Toynbee, chavs, the NHS, the Met, and the BBC) it takes a lot to make you embarrassed on the international stage. But the sight of the Dour One fawning over Obama(the black Jimmy Carter) made me glad I escaped the UK when I did.

And unless Obama stops the stock market going south, he won't be far behind him either. That would be change I could believe in.
'Crotch squeezing chinos' . . . my, aren't YOU a curious boy.
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