Saturday, November 01, 2008


Glenrothes Holds Key to Brown's Longer Recovery

Cameron's lead was 24 points in May, 20 points a month ago, 14 points two weeks ago but is now down to single figures, according to yesterday's Telegraph poll. Tony King's analysis expresses a little surprise that the financial crisis has not done more and refers to Brown's recovery as 'soggy'. Maybe, but it is a recovery of sorts and, after a year of woe and humiliation, Labour will take that.

On who is best to run the economy, Brown has narrowed the gap to 30-34 and Cameron's rating as who would be 'best prime minister' has fallen to 34 from 40 in September. These are slight improvements admittedly, but they do represent signs of optimism for the government. Of course it could still all go pear shaped but if Gordon has done enough to hold Glenrothes next week, then we can start to think and talk of a genuine recovery.

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