Monday, October 20, 2008


We Said it Would Happen re Mandy and Now it Has

Well, we all said it would happen... and now it has. Bringing back Peter Mandelson was a clear gamble, given the nature of the beast. I suspected those four years in Brussells might prove fertile for rightwing scrabblers after dodgy dealings. The first result was the so-called close friendship with the Russian oligarch, Oleg Deripaski who entertained the epicene new member of the Cabinet during the summer on his huge 238 ft yacht. Yesterday came the full page spread in the ST entitled: The Secret World of Lord Freebie.

Now it seems Mandy is in tight with Nat Rothschild, former party animal-he was once a member of the infamous Bullingdon Club at Oxford- and now mega rich hedge fund manager. The article details his regular flights in private planes and social junkets with the super-rich in exotic locations. One source is quoted as saying:

'He thinks that for a person of his calibre and experience, he is badly paid. He likes to spend time with people who have considerably more money than him.'

In both cases it is suggested favours might have been extended in lieu of the hospitality. Mandeslon robustly denies any such allegations as the sniping of the rightwing press doing the job of ther Conservative Party. The ST followed up the article with a leader demnding answers to a series of questions. I suspect this is only the beginning of a long running campaign to destabilise Brown's mildly resurgent government. So far only a few crumbs have been scuffed up, but who knows where and when the rightwing attack dogs might discover a genuine juicy bone?

With all respect Skipper, even you must blush at referring to Brown's "mildly resurgent Government". Really?!

The patient is dead, the undertaker has been called and the hole has been dug. Political gravity is part of the problem I admit. But this Government build it's reputation on the (false) perception of economic competence. That lie has been exposed, and there is nothing left to sustain it. When has any government in the world ever been reelected during such a financial mess?

As for Mandelson. Well once corrupt, always corrupt. I would be embarrased to have Archer or Aitken back, and I imagine most Labour supporters are affronted by Mandelson. I particularly loved "he thinks that for a person of his calibre and experience, he is badly paid". Priceless. Well why don't you bloody well do something else then?! He might as well start looking now, because this job will end some time before May 2010. Seriously, what a cretin. When they see Mandelson playing games(pun intended) with Russian crooks(for that is what they are), decent Labour supporters(of which there are many) must feel like the creatures on Animal Farm as they see Napoleon playing cards with Pilkington. Poor sods. Still it'll all be over soon!
I don't really blame you for rubbing it in. 'Mildly resurgent' referred to the lift Gordon's action over the banking crisis has brought him. Still 9 points behind on the average of polls, he still has no chance of winning an election tomorrow. But politics is a funny old game; like cricket, now and again, a dead game can be saved because of an unforeseen development. For example I never thought Gordon would ever get back his poll standing for economic management, but he has- though some might think it not merited.
But I fear the Mandeslon saga will agaiun end in tears so we agree, I suspect, upon that.
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