Monday, October 27, 2008


Nerves Jangle as Obama Approaches the Finishing Line

With 9 days to go to the election and Obama in the lead 50.4%-42.6%, Democrat supporters, like myself and so many people I know, should be quietly confident of victory. And yet, we are worried. When Obama was born in 1962 strict segregation was in force in the Southern states of the USA, some of which would have rendered his parents' marriage illegal. A huge distance has been covered since then, not least by the Republicans under Bush who appointed two African Americans to high office, to some extent paving the way for Obama's rise.

Maybe wobbles like this are inevitable as the day of decision approaches; I recall not believing the landslide poll predictions for Labour back in 1997. Obama has shown by his dignity and resilience that he is an extraordinary candidate, maybe of a 'once in a lifetime' quality. To have come so far and be denied at the last gasp would be the cruellest political outcome I can ever ernvisage happening. Yet prizes are plucked from the grasp of the deserving every day.

Maybe the Republicans are holding back a killer scandal to launch just before the poll? We know they would have not the slightest compunction against such action. Or maybe, in the wild and crazy fringes of the US, there is someone or a group of crazies planning the ultimate plan of denying Obama what destiny seems about to award. That Obama has stoically lived with this danger for over a year is yet further testimony to his truly remarkable character. I fully realise that, if elected, Obama's charisma will eventually pall and that he will make mistakes. But, please God, let's get him elected first.

I hope of course Obama loses. A dangerous character who doesn't understand what made America great. The US doesn't need socialism, and the US Army doesn't need to be humiliated.

I suspect McCain is beaten. That would be a shame, because he is a very decent man and would be another excellent President. It will need a big scandal or attack on the US to swing it now. America's enemies(and there are many of them, terrorist and capitulator alike) will no doubt rejoice at the likely result, as they rejoice at every other tragedy that befalls this great country.

Fingers crossed for McCain and Americans.
I am, of course, not surprised at your views. I would go along with your view on McCain actually. I did a briefing for one of my classes(available on companion site Politics Considered lefthand column) which entailed reading about his life and he was/is a brave man who has had the courage to reject mainstream Republican policy on a number of issues. A decnet manh, who should have wojhn in 2000 but who was mseared out of it by W's Svengali, Karl Rove, if you recall.
Personally speaking I'm kacking myself. I still think there is time for a 1992 style UK election upset as people 'wobble' in the polling booth and if Obama wins it will be a lot closer than the polls are predicting.

To be honest I'm just glad Bush is soon to be out of the White House.He's been the biggest threat to world peace in my life time.
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